Mark Unrau

Photography - Film - Sound


Video Editing Software:

- Adobe Premiere
- Adobe After Effects
- Plural Eyes 
- Davinci Resolve Studio 17: 
Colour Grading

Audio Post Production:


- RME AD converters and pre-amps
- Adam T7V *calibrated monitors
- Sennheiser *calibrate HD 280 headphones

*All calibration is done by SoundID Reference


Nuendo 11 Post Production Suite 

- Full AAF support
- Netflix Loudness Metering
- Ambisonics support
- GoPro VR Player
- SpectraLayers 8 audio restoration

Mixing Plugins

- Waves plugins
- Izotope Post Production plugins
- FabFilter Post Production plugins

Sound Design and SFX Plugins and Software
We have over 1TB of sound effects and samples at our disposal.

- Native Instruments Sequis
- Native Instruments Arkhis
- Native Instruments Sounds of India
- EastWest Composer Cloud
- Soundly Pro subscription
- CinemaSound Foley Library

Production Sound Equipment:

- Zoom F8 (8 track recording with outputs for camera hop or IEM) If a Sound Devices is required on set, please get in touch. Always looking for a reason to switch to the Sound Devices family!

- 4 x Deity wireless transceivers - these transceivers have the ability to record internally recording at 24 48khz uncompressed .wav making for a great backup while recording to the Zoom F8. These units can also be a dedicated T/C generator, Camera Hop or IEM.

- 2 x DPA 6060 lav's - Known for their super-flat response and durability, these beauties gave us the sound from Netflix series The Stranger Things

- 1 x DPA 4018 - This super-cardioid mic is perfect for interior shooting. With no sound coloration off-axis and a super flat frequency response, it makes dialogue editing simple. It also matches with the DPA 6060's seamlessly so dialogue matching is a no brainier when used in conjunction with the 6060's. It can also handle extreme weather conditions from the Arctic to the Tropics with no RF interference. It is also one of the only 4 mics on the Netflix list of approved microphones

- 1 x Mojave MA-200SN - this large-diaphragm cardioid is a vacuum tube condenser microphone that gives warm, full-bodied reproductions of vocals and instruments, with none of the shrillness and high-frequency distortion artifacts that are often encountered with modern condenser microphones. I use this microphone for voice-overs. It is also on the Netflix list of approved microphones